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FREE 2018 Marketing Calendar Template DOWNLOAD H-SHADOWThe Free 2018 Marketing Calendar Template in Excel is here!

Simplify your small business marketing by using this Free 2018 Marketing Calendar Template created in Excel. Excel allows for easy download and customization for your small business needs and the free marketing calendar template includes links to Excel training so you can get the most out of Excel.  Leverage this dynamic tool to plan out your marketing for the year and stay on top of upcoming events, deadlines and deliverables.

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2018 Marketing Calendar Template in Excel is FREE to download and includes tons of extras:

  • Sample page to show you what your calendar can look like
  • Content Planning Calendar in a one-list annual format
  • Printable sheet for each month with holidays and observances for the current and next month
  • Space for scheduling activities, marking due dates, and planning campaigns
  • Links to free online Excel training

Your marketing calendar is a tool that outlines events, holidays, marketing campaigns, and highlights the deadlines for tasks. Use it to plan, schedule and find every opportunity to optimize timely marketing efforts.

The free 2018 Marketing Calendar Template is a guide for shaping and planning your content, structuring and rolling out your advertising, and executing your marketing strategy in a structured, manageable and well-executed manner.

A marketing calendar is not a replacement for your marketing plan!

Use this 2018 Marketing Calendar Template as a supplement to, or planning aid for, your overall business marketing plan to create a visual representation of upcoming tasks and activities laid out in your marketing strategy. It helps you coordinate responsibilities, watch deadlines, and ensures you never miss an important date or event while keeping track of your marketing efforts.

2018 Marketing Calendar Template SAMPLE Screenshot

Schedule time on your business calendar every month to brainstorm, coordinate and review your 2018 marketing calendar.  What’s worked?   ⇒  What hasn’t?  ⇒  Adjust!

  • Stay planned out for at least three months into the future to not miss out on any marketing opportunities or create rushed/missed situations with tight deadlines.
  • Make note of important dates and events for your industry (conferences, events, National “Your Product” week, etc) that are not noted on this template. The notable dates listed are by no means comprehensive but do contain significant dates that you might consider adding to your 2018 marketing calendar.
  • Consider making your slow month “(What You Sell) Month” to push your best sellers.
  • The key to an effective marketing calendar is creating one that works for you and your marketing team (which is everyone who works for or with you).  Don’t be afraid to customize the free 2018 Marketing Calendar Template in Excel by removing areas you don’t need and adding elements you need to track.

Your path to better marketing in 2018…

the 2018 Marketing Calendar Template FREE Download.


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