2021 Marketing Calendar Planner Template in Excel – FREE DOWNLOAD


The 2021 Marketing Calendar Planner Template is now available – FREE download.


Grab this upgraded 2021 Marketing Calendar Template with added quarterly marketing planner pages and a full-year content marketing spreadsheet.

The 2021 Marketing Calendar Template is perfect for small businesses, marketers, shared with marketing departments, freelancers, entrepreneurs, creatives, creators, and solopreneurs.

Available in Excel format – macro-enabled to auto-fill 2012 monthly marketing calendar events – with access to free excel training videos.

Click below to DOWNLOAD your customizable 2021 marketing calendar template in Excel to help you plan, schedule, and execute your marketing strategy.

2021 Marketing Calendar Template Free Download Planner

Your Marketing Calendar Planner is the roadmap to achieving your marketing goals for the next full year.

Your 2021 Marketing Calendar Template will help you plan your marketing activities for more effective results while also giving you the advantage of visualizing the progress of your combined marketing efforts. When you use your marketing calendar, you can coordinate, execute, and track your marketing campaigns’ progress all in one place.

Now you can plan out your marketing for the quarter and/or year ahead, ensuring you include the necessary assignments, tools, tasks, and activities to reach your marketing goals and grow your business.

  • Map out the long-term Marketing goals for 2021 to get the best ROI for your time and effort.
  • Select the marketing channels that work best for your business and marketing objectives.
  • Structure and deploy cross-channel marketing with a broad overview of 2021 marketing campaigns.

Use the updated 2021 Content Marketing Calendar Template Excel Spreadsheet

Whether you publish eight blog posts a month or two tweets a week, planning out your content for the month, quarter, and year is the one way to ensure that this necessary marketing activity is planned, executed, and tracked.

Skip the last-minute blog or social media rush jobs. Your business can’t afford to miss deadlines, holidays, special events, and other opportunities to leverage the free marketing channels you have with your website blog, and social media accounts.

With the 2021 Content Marketing Planner Calendar, you get an Excel spreadsheet for every 365 days of the year (because marketing has no days off) to plan, create and track your content marketing activities and results all in one place.

Add the calendar to your shared online storage and assign different marketing task to employees but track it all in one place.

Sarah does social media? See if she has updated February on the marketing calendar with your specified metrics.

John does two blog posts a month? Are the topics, keywords, and images scheduled? Were they published on the deadline? How many views did last month’s posts get?

Did Chandra get the mailer designs done by the printer deadline?

You don’t need to set a meeting because you can see it all in one place.

2021 Marketing Calendar Template Free Download Planner

You need a marketing calendar for 2021 to create a visual marketing plan that organizes and optimizes the work that goes into your marketing campaigns and activities.

It’s never too late to start, so get your copy of the Marketing Calendar and Planner Template in Excel right now!

If you used the 2017 Marketing Calendar Template, 2018 Marketing Calendar Template, or 2019 Marketing Calendar Template you should have already received the upgraded 2021 Marketing Calendar Planner Template in your inbox but if not just click above to download your copy.


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