How to Use Your Marketing Calendar HEADER 2018 Marketing Calendar Template (1)

How to Use Your Marketing Calendar Template – FREE TEMPLATE DOWNLOAD

Creating a 2019 Marketing Calendar For Your Small Business If you are wondering “When is the right time to develop your marketing calendar?” The answer is NOW. The answer is really A WHILE AGO but now will work too. Without a marketing calendar, you are already at a disadvantage in the marketing game. To be effective…
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Guerrilla Marketing Local Outreach Local Marketing Header

Using Old School Guerrilla Marketing for Local Outreach

Many small businesses and entrepreneurs promote their products and services during events. Whether it is trade shows and conventions, or local events like festivals and farmer’s markets getting a good return on your investment can be tough. With a creative marketing mindset events are still a great marketing tool if you’re willing to roll up…
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Using Photos and Graphics in Email HEADER

Using Photos and Graphics in Email – INFOGRAPHIC

Have you considered using photos and graphics in email? If not, it may be time to think about enhancing your email content with images that attract readers and entice them to keep reading your email. With everyone talking about social media, chatbots, and video marketing it is easy to forget that email still remains a…
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Best SEO Blogs of 2018 Top SEO Recommended Resources

Best SEO Blogs of 2018 – Top Recommended SEO Resources

Search Engine Optimization aka SEO is constantly changing, and The Best SEO Blogs of 2018 list provides several go-to free sources of expert knowledge with fresh news on the latest updates. Wish I could tell you to simply check in with the official Google Search Blog, but you’re not going to find much useful information.…
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Building A Content Marketing Strategy

2018 Guide to Building A Content Marketing Strategy

Whether you are selling potting soil or baby cribs, consistently publishing quality content to your blog that answers the questions prospective customers are asking about your topic brings highly qualified traffic to your website to convert into customers. Building a content marketing strategy needs to be a priority for every blogger. It’s clear that blogging…
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2018 Small Biz Resoluations

10 New Year’s Resolutions for Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Freelancers

New Year’s Resolutions to Make This the Best Year Yet! It’s a new year… YEAH! So what are you going to do different this year to get you closer to your goals? Making some new year’s resolutions will get you on the right track.  Commitment to a well thought out plan, and the flexibility to…
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