Holiday Marketing Tip 1 – Have an Event

Small Business Holiday Marketing Tips

Have a Promotional Holiday Event

It’s that time of the year again! Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday are fast approaching. If you don’t have your holiday marketing scheduled you are already behind. With less than four weeks between Black Friday and Christmas, small businesses have less days to make a tangible impact with their holiday marketing.

Planning has to be done! Create a marketing calendar specifically for the holidays that spans the two months of November and December. Mark the key dates of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday, and add a countdown of days until Christmas so you are continuously aware of the amount of days you have left to attract holiday buyers.

Add action items for each day that get you closer to your marketing and sales goals. Now schedule time on your work calendar to do the work needed to meet deadlines that must be met for marketing task such as creating copy and ads, as well as meeting publishing, printing and mailing deadlines.




What them can you create to tie what your business is or does to the festive season? Some are easy like demonstrations of the products you sell, giveaways or raffles for prizes and gift cards, or fundraisers for non-profits. Others are going to take some thinking so make time for that and look at what your competitors are doing in other markets to get some ideas of how you can capitalize on the holiday theme.

Create simple but bold storefront advertising far ahead of your event, add an event reminder to your receipts, have your sales associates and cashiers tell every customer about the upcoming event, ask neighbor stores if you can advertise your event in their windows, etc. This is the time to pull out your guerilla marketing tactics.


Select a Goal and Plan Your Event.

More foot traffic, customer appreciate, higher sales on most profitable products, raise awareness of special holiday services or discounts, fundraising community service, collect email addresses? Pick a specific goal and structure your event to successfully get you there. Asking yourself if what you are including in or working on for your event is getting you closer to your goal will help keep you focused and cost down by avoiding unnecessary extras.


Make the three weeks leading up to your event the focus of all your online and offline advertising. Make it impossible for anyone seeing your business online, in print or in person to NOT know that there is “YOUR EVENT” on “THIS DAY” and they don’t want to miss “WHY ITS AWESOME”. Create a landing page, send out email invites to your email list, “JUST 8 MORE DAYS TIL” countdown reminder on social media with link to landing page, all leading up to the event. On days 2,1, and 0 double up your social media reminders, remind your email list, and ramp up your networking to stay top of mind for the day of the event.

Media and Social Media Attention.

Are you doing something so new, crazy or heartwarming that others will want to see, hear or read about it? Create a press release and reach out to the local media to see if they are interested in stopping by. Send an invite to key personnel at local television and radio stations, as well as local newspapers and magazines for some free publicity.

Have someone designated to take a ton of pictures and some videos during the event.

If possible periodically post pics on your social media accounts. Additionally, it’s possible to have a story run after the event and the media outlet will want any of the really good photos or videos you have of the event.

Follow Up.

Immediately after the event reach out and thank the people who attended your event, and thank the people who supported the event. Hand written notes are a nice touch, but not always efficient, so if you use email take the opportunity to include pictures and special offers. Aim to give the reader a reason to come back to your business. This is also a good opportunity to get some feedback or conduct a survey on your business or the event. Just remember to keep everything as clean, concise and easy as possible for people to do.


Talk to me.  Let me know the one thing you wish someone had told you about promotional events before your first one.  And if there is a topic you would like to see covered in the blog just ask.  I’ll see you in the comment section.

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