How to Write Ad Content That Sells

How to write ad content that sells

You’ve got products or services to sell, so you’ll want to get some advertising out there. But you need to write the content of those to up your chances of selling your goods or idea, right? Let’s talk about ad content so you can get to selling whatever fuels your sales dreams.

Successful ad content – most commonly referred to as ad copy – must catch viewers’ attention at first sight as they jump around websites, social media, and mobile apps. Depending on your audience’s demographic, you’ll need to do the same thing for print, outdoor, radio, and television ads. Those old-school newspaper, billboard, and radio spots still work – they’ve just lost their shine with cheaper and more effective digital marketing.

You want to create ad content that is so concise and attractive that the customer doesn’t need to read every line of the ad to understand the benefit of taking a small step to learn more or buy right now. Each line of copy should be effective in giving out a clear and specific “you want this” message.

How to Write Ad Content That Sells

You’re going to pull on your writing and creative skills to compose ad content that sells.

1. Your ad content should ONLY include relevant and specific words – nothing extra.

I know it can be scary to try to fit everything a customer should know in such a little ad space. You might fear leaving out information and writing as much as you can. DON’T overpack your ad. Unless you’re advertising something nobody has ever heard of, the customer already knows what they want your product or service to provide. Your ad content needs to verify or tell them that they will get what they are looking for.

2. Properly organize your ad content with an eye-catching, big promise header at the top and middle of the content.

It sounds like a lot of words after I just said not to write too much, but your big promise could be as short as…
“Unheard of Results – Or You’re Money Back”
“$99 worth of XXX for $9”
“2 for 1 Only Until Friday”
“Best Resume Service – Satisfaction Guaranteed”
Once you discover your customers’ pain points and what they really want from the dozens of solutions offered, you can get the sale with your big promise. Display your main supporting points as bold sub-headings so viewers can skim read.

3. Appearances matter, and beauty always wins.

Have you ever heard the expression, “Beauty sells, and ugly fails!” before? It’s funny because it’s true. Please make no mistake that an ugly ad with misspelled words, unprofessional images, and unreadable text (because it’s too long, too small, or poorly written) will steal a sale and waste your ad budget. Grammar and spelling mistakes make you look unprofessional and lazy. Customers will wonder what other things you do poorly that are easily remedied.
You want to catch the viewer’s attention but for the right reasons. Your reputation and your business’s perception are on the line here, so ensure your full ad experience is balanced, clear, and attractive. Go for bold and beautiful and avoid startling and unsettling colors, words, and images as a means of getting attention.

4. ALWAYS use a bold and clear Call-To-Action to write ad content that sells.

Your call-to-action, or CTA, is a word, phrase, or sentence that tells the viewer to take a very specific action. REMEMBER THIS: YOU MUST TELL THE PERSON VIEWING ANY OF YOUR MARKETING MATERIAL EXACTLY WHAT THEY SHOULD DO NEXT. If they read nothing else in your ad, you want them to have no doubt about what they should do next to get closer to what they want.

  • Shop our store
  • Contact us
  • Get a FREE quote
  • Buy now
  • Grab your copy
  • Sign up for your coupon
  • Get your 30% coupon
  • Share on Twitter
  • Stop by our location
  • Call for appointment
  • Order online
  • Schedule your free consultation
  • Join for your promo code
  • Download your freebie

People have no time to figure out what you want them to do and will spend very little time or energy trying to figure out how to get what you are advertising.

The perfect call-to-action uses:
1. Action words
2. Focuses on value
3. Leverages curiosity and anticipation
4. Is so bold and clear you can’t miss it

The people over at put out top-notch conversion tools like pop-ups for websites, so calls-to-action are their bread and butter. They have a great article from September 2020, you’ll want to check out if you’re struggling with your CTA’s called “How to Create the Perfect Call to Action (11 Examples).”

Great Ad Content Sells

When it comes to writing ad content that sells, sending the right message with concise and attractive ad copy is crucial. Look over your words and ensure that your writing is straightforward and stands out with a clear value-focused message that will stand out to people skimming over the hundreds of ads put in front of them every day.

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