Last Minute Holiday Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

It’s Not Too Late to Cash In on the Holidays with Last Minute Holiday Marketing Ideas

Christmas is almost here, holiday marketing was planned out in July, and consumers are spending money like there is no tomorrow.

Are they spending it at your business?


Did you forget to set up your holiday marketing campaigns?

It’s not too late! There are things you can do right now – as in TODAY – to make a tangible impact on your holiday marketing effectiveness. Most are free and the ones that aren’t, you choose how much you are willing to invest.

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Last Minute Holiday Marketing PINTEREST

Check out these 6 Last-Minute Holiday Marketing Ideas:

Blog Content with a Holiday Theme

What keywords are your potential customers putting into search engines right now? You need to figure out how to take those highly searched words and create RELEVANT content to bring traffic to your website. Don’t waste reader’s times with poor or even average content. Make it WOW content that makes the reader want to do some clicking around (we can help you with that). For example, a pet boutique can write an informative blog about what Christmas decorations are deadly to household pets or a tax preparer can post a blog on how to turn holiday purchases into small business tax deductions.

Email Marketing with a Holiday Countdown

If you sell products or services online, you can focus on the last day someone can order to receive their product by Christmas making sure to highlight your best sellers every day or sign up with Free Shipping Day (December 15, 2017) or to promote your site.  Other business can set up daily tips, relevant to their subscribers, leading up to Christmas, remembering to create “I gotta read this!” headlines followed up with great and fast reading content so they want to open your email every day. You will stay top-of-mind with your buyers, create a sense of urgency for purchases and boost sales.

ballet bundle online marketingGet Rid of the Old Stuff with Bundles

Having a bunch of old inventory at the end of the year isn’t just bad for business, it’s depressing for business owners. These poor sellers are making no money on the shelf so now is the time to make drastic cuts in your pricing and bundle these less popular items with your best sellers.

Maybe even consider giving away free gifts with purchase to really wow your customers. Bundles are really popular sellers, especially around the gift-giving time when people are looking for more bang for their buck. Blog, blog, blog about your bundles so when anyone searches “[your product] bundle” your blog shows up in search results and they end up on your website.  Also, create a landing page, email your subscribers, and maybe even purchase a little advertising to highlight these amazing bundles.

The word “bundle” is often tied to video games and software so when a customer is searching for your product in a bundle there could be much less competition for topping search results when you blog about “[your product] bundles” with your non-electronic products.

Create Shareable Holiday Posts

Your holiday season social media post should NOT be just sales ads. While promoting your holiday specials be sure to spread some holiday cheer with funny, thoughtful or thankful season appropriate posts that people will want to share. Show your personality and let customers in on what is important to you and your company. This is a great opportunity to highlight non-profits you support, causes you champion, and people you know that are doing good things in the community as well.

Have a Private Sale or Specialprivate sale graphic say more services

Show appreciation for your best customers with special offers, discounts, and free gifts. Creating a good feeling about your business and your product reminds people what a great gift they could give to someone else. To increase exposure and broaden your market consider a friends & family promotion that gives special discounts or free products and services to customers who bring in or sign up another person. For example, if you run a consulting service give a holiday discount if the customer connects you or gives a gift certificate to a friend or family member for a free 20-minute consultation. Exceptional service to your first customer is the best marketing to introduce you to referred leads.

Christmas Cards and New Year’s Cards

It’s a little late to start ordering and mailing custom printed Christmas cards. And maybe that is a good thing because these pre-printed holiday cards are rarely read or kept, as the receiver knows that laser printed message within isn’t for them, it’s for anybody. Make a real impact by buying blank cards and personalizing a hand-written message of appreciation and well wishes to your customers. Obviously, there is a number where this tactic because unrealistic. But a small customer base can be enchanted, and a pool of potential customers will receive a memorable first impression that serves as an impactful introduction. Sound overwhelming? You can also automate with e-cards, or direct mail on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, sending holiday greetings that strengthen connections with customers and partners.


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