Make Visitors Stay to Read Your Blog


Make Visitors Stay to Read Your Blog


read-your-blog-quick-tipIt takes just a few seconds for someone to decide whether or not they are going to stay on your website.

So how do you get people to stick around to read your blog?

You have to make a great first impression if you want visitors to stay longer.

To accomplish this a business blog needs to look professional, provide relevant and useful content, and be easy to navigate.

How Do You Get Visitors Stay to Read Your Blog?

Enhance the User Experience ♦ Better UX = More Time on Website

Providing a superior online experience means people stay to read and share your content, see what else you have to offer and subscribe to your email list for updates. But how do you create a superior online experience for your visitors?


No one will work at reading your blog. That is why you need to make it easy to for a visitor to navigate and find exactly what they are looking for on your website. Browsing should be a breeze and content should be organized in a way that makes sense. Anticipate your visitors’ needs and structure your blog intuitively to follow their read and search process.


Faster is better… period. At least on the web, it is and that is where you are doing business so you need to improve your site’s performance as much as possible. Few people will sit around waiting for your pages to load and even a one-second delay creates a perceptible dissatisfaction in your visitor’s experience.

read your blog SAY MORE Services


The average size of a webpage is growing every day but these larger web pages are slowing down sites which is bad for companies and bad for customers.

Mobile users are increasing every day as well but there is just so much small phone and tablet screens can handle meaning large websites can take a couple of seconds to load. Again, visitors don’t want to wait.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to increase your websites performance and speed is to reduce your images, especially those with high resolutions set for desktop monitors.

If you have pages that are unlikely to be shared on social media, remove all those sharing button images. Also, look at compressing your large files and photos and removing any page elements you don’t need.

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