Content Marketing

You’ve got a lot to say… Let us help you communicate the value of your products or services.

Content Marketing Services for Your Small Business

At SAY MORE! we specialize in creating persuasive and engaging written material that compels action from clients, prospects, fans, and funders.

Brochures and Sales Letters

Clear and persuasive sales letters and brochures represent your business and give people an idea of what you do while helping you gain more customers as potential customers learn more about your business.

BROCHURE content starts at $200
SALES LETTER starts at $150

Customer Success & Case Studies

Nothing beats a great testimonial. Case Studies are richly detailed testimonials around 750 to 1000 words long (2 printed pages or 3-4 web pages) focused on a customer’s problem and your company’s solution. It’s a credibility-boosting tool that helps to build trust and highlights your best work while displaying your ability to effectively produce the promised results.


White Papers

If you are interested in generating leads and positioning yourself as an expert in your industry then a White Paper should be in your immediate future. Provide your prospects and clients with the answers they are looking for before your competitors do. A white paper will answer questions, build trust and relationships, and help you shine in an over saturated market.  When it is time to buy, customers choose you! A white paper can be from 5 to 20 pages depending on how complicated the issue is, multi-media formatting, graphics, and the target market.

WHITE PAPERS start at $350

Newsletters and Email Marketing

Content regularly sent out to your subscriber lists in the form of newsletters and emails creates a communication with your current and prospects that is essential for business growth. Quality newsletters work as a direct marketing tool and when tailored with valuable information they stimulate the reader to engage with your company.  These interactions can be translated into long-term and profitable relations.  With personable communication and strategic “Call to Action,” we can build a powerful image of the company and encourage greater reader engagement and loyalty.

NEWSLETTERS & EMAILS (content only) start at $150

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