Corporate Communications

Your choice of words make a big difference and you can rely on us to choose the right ones.

Corporate Communications & Writing

SAY MORE! can quickly take care of your corporate communication and writing needs:

Company Profiles
Professional Bios
Policies & Procedures
Letters & Memos
Press Releases
Executive Ghostwriting

Clear, concise and engaging corporate communications and internal documents make work easier while conveying professionalism and a commitment to quality.

Company Profile – About Us Writing

It’s important to make a great first impression and the Company Profile (or About Us page) is where your words really count as it is the most visited page on most websites.

♦  Is your Company Profile striking the right chord with prospective clients?
♦  Is it telling people who you are, what you are about and what you can do for them?
♦  Does it make a visitor want to stick around and see what is on your other web pages?
♦  Will visitors know how good your credentials are?
♦  Does it radiate your pure intentions and help customers begin to trust you?

A serious enterprise needs a compelling and comprehensive Company Profile that serves as a formal introduction to who you are.

Company Profile (About Us Page) Writing Services start at $150 per page

LinkedIn Business Profile Writing starts at $100 for Summary & Headline

Professional Bios

There are few things harder than trying to convey who you are in your own words in a few paragraphs for the world to see and judge. Pausing after every few words to check and see if you might sound like a pompous idiot can be time-consuming and nerve-racking. If you are struggling to write a bio for yourself SAY MORE! can save you time and needless overthinking. Having a professional and well-written bio that is informative and reflective of your personality and professional purpose is as easy as getting through a comprehensive interview and waiting for your complete bio to be delivered to you.

Do you have a Professional Bio that makes you stand out and truly conveys who you are?

SAY MORE! can craft a Professional Bio for you:

1 Page $150
3-4 Paragraphs $115
1-2 Paragraphs $ 90

Professional Rewriting

You know those times when you have a great idea – the most amazing (or the most boring but necessary) idea ever – and you’ve spent hours trying to come up with the perfect way to write it so everybody gets exactly what you are trying to say but all you have is an outline and better things to do?

Or maybe you are the smart cookie who knows that your talents are in ideation and not the tedious task of stringing the right words together in a way that conveys exactly all the greatness running around in your head.

With SAY MORE! you get a high-quality and refined piece of written work that speaks your exact ideas and concepts as you originally outlined… but better than you imagined.

Our professional rewriting service can effectively translate those thoughts into persuasive and comprehensible content that stay true to your voice while being grammatically correct and conforming to the style and format of your writing project. We can rewrite your piece, sharpening your content by examining your rough draft and matching your style and specifications.  At SAY MORE! we strive to go beyond simply fulfilling our end of the bargain. We want your 100% satisfaction and will keep working with you until you are completely pleased with your project.

Our professional rewriting service includes rewriting up to 70% of the original content of your draft to include editing, proofreading, and formatting.


Length: Up to 500 words $80
Length: 501 to 1000 words $150
Length: 1000+ words $50 per additional 500 words

Ex: 1500 word project would cost $200 and a 2700 word project would cost $300

Contact us for discount quotes on larger or ghostwriting projects!

SAY MORE Services

Templates, Manuals & Training Material

To build a successful business everyone needs to be on the same page and working towards the same goals with the best tools you are able to provide. Effective manuals, handbooks and training materials are essential parts of your toolkit. Templates and forms not only save time and help guide processes but they also create and maintain a continuity throughout your programs.
Without a doubt, people perform better when given a clear map to follow and feel more comfortable making important decisions when they are well-informed.

SAY MORE! will create effective training and educational materials that will become invaluable resources to your business.

Forms & Questionnaires
Job Descriptions
Manuals and Handbooks
Guides and Tutorials
Workbooks and Tool Kits

We can create professional and comprehensive materials to your specifications as well as update your current resources with our Professional Rewriting service.

Letter Writing

You may think that in the age of instant messaging, video hangouts and texting that there is little need for professional letter writing.  The fact is that people are constantly searching for the easiest and quickest way to get the information that they need and a well-crafted letter created with a clear purpose for a very specific audience is still the most effective way to get people to connect with people. Even more so now with so much “shortcut” communication taking place.

A well-written letter can…
Resolve problems
Respond to questions
Show your appreciation
Make an announcement
Serve as an introduction
Open the door to opportunities
Convey sincere apologies
Provide an unquestionably clear rejection
Express your complaint or dissatisfaction
Accompany resumes, products or invoices
Attract and maintain customer
… and much more.

If you know what you want to say but don’t have the time to write a letter or don’t know where to begin in writing your letter SAY MORE! can expertly craft a letter that clearly conveys your message to the intended party.

Your letter is a representation of you. Make sure it is well crafted and leaves a lasting impression.

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Confidentiality: Your business materials and communications are always kept 100% confidential. We will not share them outside of the writer or editor assigned. Your company name and purchased product will not be used as examples or samples nor used in discussions with potential clients for sales purposes.  Non-disclosures agreements can be provided. View our privacy policy here.