Best Videos for Each Buyer Cycle Stage


Best Videos for Each Buyer Cycle Stage

Videos for Every Buyer Cycle Stage

Videos for Every Buyer Cycle StageDo you have videos for your website?  Do you know how to plan your videos for each buyer cycle stage?

If you have jumped the hurdle of creating the first video for your business, then you know how easy it can be to make the content that today’s internet users crave.  If not, just start with something small.  You don’t need fancy equipment to get this done, you just need fancy equipment to make it fancy.  And by adding video content to your website SEO and digital marketing strategy you could be well on your way to earning enough new customers to add fancy video equipment to your next small business tax returns.

Videos for Each Buyer Cycle Stage

Right now, you can use your smart phone to create short two-minute videos at no cost and with ease.  Videos that…

  • Answer your customers’ frequently asked questions
  • Demonstrate how your product or service work
  • Give testimonials about how awesome you are
  • Teach people how to do things or solve problems
  • Tell people what your mission is and why you do what you
  • And so much more

So don’t wait.  This is something you can do.  Even if you are one of those people who thinks they look horrible on camera or hates the sound of their own voice you can still create video content.  One thing the video-challenged can try is writing a short white board script and having someone create a short video for you.

Creating Videos for Each Buyer Cycle Stage

You can do this cheaper than you think.  With no creative of computer skills you can start with low-budget designers just getting their start on sites like ( starting around $25 for 60 seconds and 120 words with recorded voiceover) and (as low as $10/hr).

If you are at all handy with the computer and have a creative eye you can try your hand at the many whiteboard software options available. comes to mind first because its free, and I’ve used it before. came up a winner in my research because you get so much for so little like free templates, the lovely low price of $9 a month, and the ability to hire a designer right from their site. Others include ($299/year) and ($144/year).  *No affiliate links – just suggestions 🙂


Here is a great infographic from the geniuses over at that describes how you can leverage your videos to make a real impact on every stage of the buying cycle.  And if you don’t have any video yet, use it as a cheat sheet to create videos that help you build an effective video marketing plan!

Infographic by


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